Mrs. Acheson - School Counselor

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Second Semester Schedule Changes Please use the link below if you are a current RIHS student and want to make a necessary schedule change for the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year. Great effort will be placed on scheduling student requests. However, scheduling conflicts and course prerequisites may not always allow the request to be granted. This is a request form—not a contract—no guarantees are made or promised in providing student and/or parent requests. Please remember only necessary schedule changes will be accepted.

Here are some examples of necessary schedule changes:

a)You are scheduled for the wrong required course
b)You are missing a class period
c)You desire to change one of your electives.

A request to change the same class to a different class period or a different teacher will not be accepted. Second Semester Schedule Change 2017-2018

College Admission Representatives Schedule - Spring 2018
Please watch for upcoming dates.
Students need to fill out a request to attend the visit by signing the sheet on Mrs. Acheson's door or by completing the following online request form:  Request Form to Attend Homeroom Visit with College Representative  Students need to be signed up one day prior to the visit.