Mrs. Shaw

Welcome to PE with Mrs. Shaw, where learning games, getting active, and playing in PE is so much FUN!


This is my 3rd year at SIMS. I have been teaching PE for 16 years. I am married to Dan and have two children, Kayde & Kaylee. I have a Bachelor of Science in K-12 Physical Education and a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction.

In PE class, we will be doing lots of units including soccer, cross country, badminton, football, pickleball, volleyball, frisbee golf, and basketball. We will also be playing lots of fun invasion games and kickball games, and performing the FitnessGram Fitness Testing. The 8th grade classes will be wearing a uniform PE shirt this year. This will cut down on no-dresses, and help teach students responsibility.

Contact me at: or 322-4311 ext. 457

Basic PE rules: Be prepared, Be respectful, Be safe, Listen, Be nice, Be active, and Be responsible.

My Schedule: 1st hour- 8th grade PE; 2nd hour- 6th grade PE; 3rd hour- 5th grade PE; 4th hour- lunch/recess duty; 5th hour- Prep; 6th hour- 8th grade PE; 7th hour- 6th grade PE.

"You are entirely up to you.  Make your body.  Make your life.  

Make yourself."